A Journey through Emotional Abuse:
From Bondage to Freedom

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Written by Caroline Abbott

with Debbie Stafford, Approved Domestic Violence Treatment Provider, CAC III

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A Journey through Emotional Abuse will help you answer the question: “Am I being abused?” along with many theological questions such as, “Do I have to submit to this?” “Does God care about me?” and “Does the Bible say I can leave him?” Providing abused women with important information, in bite-size pieces, along with emotional support, the book walks readers through the Matthew 18 process of reconciling with a brother, allowing the church to intervene. You will be given assistance with discerning whether your partner has made necessary changes or whether, for your own safety, you should leave him. If you decide you must leave, A Journey through Emotional Abuse offers you a plan for leaving safely and tips on how to prepare for the consequences of this difficult choice: police, social services, and court intervention. You will move from feeling confused, frightened, and alone to feeling informed and peaceful. Equipped with the knowledge of where to find help, coupled with the fact that you are the daughter of the King of the Universe, His special treasure, you will find hope.




“I am truly thankful that Caroline has written A Journey Through Emotional Abuse. I believe this book will provide great help and great hope to churches, leaders, victims of abuse and their abusers. By God’s grace, Carolyn has struck an important balance between truth and love, practical strategies and spiritual care, necessary information and needed encouragement. I pray and trust that God will be glorified and people will be blessed through this wonderful book for years to come.”

Dan Freng, Pastor of Calvary Church Littleton



“An excellent resource for not only women in abusive relationships but their friends and family as well. This scriptural and informative book needs to be read and re-read by Pastors and counselors alike.”  – Patti Woodward, Owner – Colorado Moves Counseling Center


“Here is a powerful resource for Christian women in the midst of an abusive partnership. Caroline Abbott defines abuse and makes an unapologetic argument that God does not want you to be in a harmful alliance with anyone, including a husband. This book is a necessary guide for any woman considering setting limits around abuse in her marriage . . . while walking tall as a woman of faith and conviction. I highly recommend this valuable resource.” –  Elsbeth Martindale, Psy.D. Portland, Ore.  Clinical Psychologist and author of “Things to Know Before I Say ‘Go’; Powerful Questions to Ask Before You Give Your Heart Away.”


“Ms. Abbott is an exceptional person and her book exceeds all expectations. I have met her and know of her passion, determination and drive to help all victims. I work as an advocate for Abused Persons and her book and experience are greatly needed to shed more light on all abuse issues. I encourage everyone to buy her book. Great Job, Caroline!” – Barbara, Domestic Violence Advocate 


“As a certified life and spiritual coach I deal with women who are abused by their spouses often. I am ecstatic to add this amazing book to my {lending} library. Caroline Abbott lays her life open in the hopes of helping women who are in the same place she used to be . . .  the result is a deeply moving and motivating book. I believe this work has the ability to change women’s lives . . . I would highly recommend this work for everyone who is, has been or knows a victim of abuse in their marriage, as well as any professional who deals with the issue of spousal abuse.” – Denise King, Colorado


“This book is an excellent resource for the Christian woman who is suffering from emotional abuse. Ms. Abbott speaks from the heart, from her own experience, which makes this book so much more than just a practical guide. This is a must read for any woman suffering from emotional abuse, or anyone who knows or suspects a loved one is being emotionally abused.” – JMH


A Journey through Emotional Abuse is a lifeline for those living with someone who shames, belittles, and intimidates them, then blames the victim because it was supposedly their fault. This is a book about realizing the lie, and then finding peace and hope. Caroline Abbott speaks from her own life experiences in a powerful, yet gentle, manner. The reader is given practical, clear, and concise step-by-step guidelines to recovery in each chapter. Five Stars! – CSJ