Domestic Violence Guide for Churches

DV Guide Cover

Domestic violence is a problem even in Christian churches. Statistics show that domestic violence occurs in Christian homes at the same rate it does in secular homes. One in 4 women and 1 in 6 men will be abused by their intimate partner sometime in their lifetime. Most people don’t understand the dynamics of abuse. Pastors sometimes believe that if a victim prays harder, is more submissive, or more forgiving, this will solve the problem. Sadly, none of these things will help. The best thing a church can do to help a domestic violence relationship is to hold the abuser accountable for his/her actions using the Matthew 18 process, while supporting the victim.

This situation is complicated by the fact that many abusers appear to be upstanding citizens, and worthy Christians. How can a pastor know if the victim is telling the truth? This question is answered in this guide. The guide also helps churches become a church from which DV victims will feel safe seeking help. It then outlines what to do  if and when a victim does come for help.

The Guide includes: Two 25-minute PowerPoint videos, and an accompanying 38-page written guide.

Read a preview of the Guide here. You’ll need Adobe Reader to read it. Get it free for MAC here or Windows here. View a preview of the PowerPoint Video here.

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