A Journey to Healing After Emotional Abuse


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By Caroline Abbott, Author of A Journey through Emotional Abuse: from Bondage to Freedom

A Journey to Healing After Emotional Abuse is a holistic journey of healing of the mind, body and soul for women who have previously suffered emotional abuse. Coming from a Christian perspective, the book helps the reader set healthy boundaries with her former abuser, and learn to take care of herself. It helps her examine any abuse from her childhood, and, if necessary, assists her in seeking counseling. It gives her pointers for winning custody of her children in family court, then it gently walks with her as she strengthens her relationship with God, while helping her on her path to forgiveness. Finally, the book helps the reader explore whether she is ready for a new relationship and marriage. If not, it encourages her to strive for contentment as a single woman who brings glory to God. If so, it guides her through the steps to finding a godly man who will cherish her as a daughter of the King.


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Caroline has faced her own trauma, fears and pain. She has embraced forgiveness, emotional and relational health with God’s grace and mercy. She will challenge you to be at peace and be your best! – Debbie Stafford, M.A., CAC III, Domestic Violence Service Provider, Former Colorado State Representative

KatelinprofileA Journey to Healing After Emotional Abuse, by Caroline Abbott, is a natural transition from A Journey Through Emotional Abuse, with the focus on healing from domestic violence not only in the survivor’s heart, but also with her relationship with God. Step by step the survivor is taken through the healing process from dealing with the trauma, strengthening her relationship with God, helping children heal, and then moving forward into other relationships. This book is a must read for any woman who has dealt with domestic violence and should become a tool used to start the healing process. I would like to see this book in churches, counselors’ offices, and in the hands of survivors. I highly recommend A Journey to Healing After Emotional Abuse. – Katelin Maloney blogger and author of Drowning. Passionate about helping people, Katelin Maloney raises awareness to the issues of domestic violence through her writing and volunteer work. Her novel, Drowning, has been credited with helping people understand the consequences of domestic violence in our society and helping victims come forward and seek help. Information about Katelin and Drowning can be found at www.katelinmaloney.com.
 Ms. Abbott has risen like a phoenix from the ashes of grave danger and fear to provide encouragement and be a role model of courage for her reader. She has been there but sMary Ellen Mann 2hows what the wholehearted life looks like once recovery has been achieved. Special gifts in this book include the end of chapter questions that allow you to decompress and flow with your own thoughts and insights. She is unapologetic about her reliance on her faith to produce the
internal changes that provide a legacy for the children who may be involved in the maelstrom of marital emotional abuse. Read this as manual, a devotional and as a workbook to take the necessary steps to live in the light of God’s faithful leadership and provision. –Mary Ellen Mann, LCSW, President of Mann Counseling Group, P.C. & President & Co-Founder of Last Battle, LLC (an outreach for the sexually violated) Author of From Pain to Power: Overcoming Sexual Trauma & Reclaiming Your True Identity


Caroline Abbott’s latest book, A Journey to Healing After Emotional Abuse, is a much-needed resource for those who have found the strength and courage to leave emotionally abusiFreng_Dan&Kellyve relationships. This book is biblically shaped and thoughtfully written. Those who read this book will be blessed, encouraged, and challenged by Caroline’s balance of grace and truth, love and sincerity, personal stories and practical application. I am thankful that God has given Caroline the wisdom, courage, and humility she needed to write this book and am praying that God will lead all who read this book to deeply experience His grace, mercy, healing, and joy. Dan Freng – Pastor, Calvary Church, Littleton Colorado

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Caroline’s story is one that will keep you captivated while you’re reading it and inspired by the time you finish it. Her story is one that must be told. – Roger Rock Lockridge, Award Winning Fitness Writer/Expert, Public Speaker for Awareness of Domestic Violence, Child Abuse, & Childhood Domestic Violence.
Caroline leads survivors of emotional abuse on their journey to healing with sincerity and wisdom. She gives all who are brave enough to hope for change a vision of a future free from the trauma of emotional abuse. Hattie O’Brien



Caroline Abbott gently holds the reader’s hand as she walks them through the journey of processing trauma. This book provides step-by-step ways to move through the struggles of life after emotional abuse. The reflective questions at the end of each chapter will be helpful for my psychotherapy clients, as they think through their own feelings about their abuse. This book provides essential tools for those desiring to move on after emotional abuse. And for those of us supporting abused women, it provides a window into the internal struggles of these resilient women. – Amy Craig, M.A., L.P.C