Drowning – A Great Novel About DV


Do you like to read? I do! Give me a good novel, especially one with a bit of a mystery, and I can lose an entire afternoon curled up reading. If you combine a good novel that has a bit of mystery with my passion of domestic violence, all the better! Let me introduce you to my friend, author Katelin Maloney and her new book Drowning. In this novel, you will meet a woman named Rebecca, who might be your next door neighbor. From the outside her life looks great. She has a good job, a lovely home, and she’s married to a handsome doctor. Well, therein lies the problem. All isn’t what it seems in her marriage to Mitch. He seems like a great catch on the outside, but on the inside, their marriage is no happily-ever-after, and it is getting worse. Like the majority of abuse victims, Rebecca doesn’t fully realize she is being abused. She thinks she needs to be a better wife, then she won’t “set him off” anymore, and everything will be alright.

Rebecca’s friend Anna tries to convince her that Mitch’s actions aren’t her fault, and he is getting more dangerous. Rebecca doesn’t really hear her friend’s concerns. Instead, she tries harder to be more perfect. As the plot of the book moves forward, you will get a great picture of how being abused affects the thinking of a victim. You will also see the lengths the abuser will go to in order to keep her in his control. Katelin Maloney will keep you on pins and needles as you wonder, “Will Rebecca finally safely escape from Mitch?” Along the way there are a couple of plot twists I, an avid mystery reader, totally didn’t expect. I invite you to check it out. You can find it on her website and at all major book retailers.

While you are checking out Drowning, take a look at Katelin’s website. In it, she has blogs about many domestic violence issues, interviews with authors, book reviews, and even a short story she wrote. She ends every blog with the tag line “Remember, if we can help just one woman, we’ve done our job.”

Blessings my friends!


P.S. For those of you reading the bible each day with me, here is the reading plan for the rest of the month:

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