Discerning your Danger Level – An App


Note: I recently tried to re-access this app and could not find it. If you want to determine your danger level from domestic violence, please contact your local DV crisis center, and ask to speak to an advocate.

How can you know whether your relationship is unhappy or dangerous?

One Love Foundation, just came out with an app for your android or iPhone called the One Love My Plan app, which can quickly help you judge the danger level of your relationship.

This app is based upon the Danger Assessment Tool domestic violence advocates have been using for 20 years to help victims discern the likelihood of their abuser killing them. Olive Waxter, the director of events at the One Love Foundation says the Danger Assessment Tool the new app is based upon comes from more than 20 years of research by Drs. Nancy Glass and Jacquelyn Campbell and their team at the Johns Hopkins University School of Nursing, and was funded by the National Institutes of Health.

The new app is a free download, and your partner cannot access it on your phone, because it is password protected. However, once you download it, you will have an icon that says One Love Lite on your phone. Your abuser can look up what the One Love Lite app is, and realize the app discusses danger in a relationship. Because of this, I caution you NOT to leave this app on your phone.

To use the app, you answer a series of questions and you’ll receive a score from Variable Danger to Extreme Danger, along with next steps, such as who to call to receive further counseling and advice.

Once you have your score, I recommend you contact your local domestic violence crisis center, or call the National Domestic Violence Hotline (in the United States) at 1−800−799−SAFE(7233)* to discuss what your next steps should be. I strongly recommend you DO NOT make this call from your phone however, so your abuser doesn’t realize you’ve made the call. Try to call from some one else’s phone.

Lets Pray.

Dear Lord, I thank you that the Danger Assessment tool is now available as a phone app. I pray it will be used to educate domestic violence victims, in an effort to keep them safe from dangerous abusers. I also pray they will use it wisely, so that their abusers will not realize they are using it. Please protect the innocent, Lord. Amen.


* Go to my Get Help page for phone numbers and websites of hotlines in other countries.




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