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I was honored to receive this award from a new friend. Her name is Cynthia Miller otherwise known as @thegeekwife at She is also a domestic violence survivor, and also remarried to a great man. Praise the Lord! God is good! You can read the story of her experience with domestic violence at her other blog, I think you will get a lot out of reading both websites.

So, to give back to the blogging community, receipt of this award comes with the following tasks:

▪   Display the award image on your blog.

▪   Link back to the person who nominated you.

▪   State 7 things about yourself.

▪   Nominate 10 – 15 other bloggers and link to their sites.

▪   Notify the bloggers that they have been nominated and link to the post.

7 Things About Me………

  1. I love Jesus passionately, and try to live for Him every day.

  2. My new husband and I love to go on mission trips, and have been on many together.

  3. I love children, and I have a bunch of them : ). (I won’t shock you by telling you HOW many!)

  4. I’m not very girly, not into clothes, shoes, makeup or jewelry.

  5. Like Cynthia, I also hate to shop. My idea of shopping is drive to Target; get exactly what I need, and drive home as soon as I possibly can.

  6. Also, like Cynthia, I love to read. My idea of a good time is snuggling up with a new book.

  7. I have just finished writing a book that I’ve been working on for several years. It will come out this summer. It is called, A Journey through Emotional Abuse, From Bondage to Freedom. I wrote it for women of faith who are in abusive relationships, and are looking for help to decide what to do next. Writing a book is one of the hardest things I’ve ever done!

And now, for the 10 blogs that I find inspirational:

Adonna Seal’s Abused Twice

Kellie Jo Holly’s Verbal Abuse Journals

A New Free Life – Rising from the Ashes of Domestic Violence

Nikky’s Strength and Weakness

Dabney Hedegard’s Learning to Live in Freedom

Haven for Broken Wings

Rodney Calmes’ Support for Those Who Have Been Abused

Jodi Aman’s Heal Now and Forever

Cindy Burrell’s Verbal and Emotional Abuse

Ida Mae’s Thoroughly Christian Divorce

Please stop and visit these blogs. I am sure you will find yourself enjoying them as much as I do. Thank you to Cynthia once again for this wonderful award. I hope I continue to be as much of an inspiration to you as you are to me.



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  1. Thank you for considering me. I share my life and my experiences along with things I have learned from the Bible. Some of these things many would not share in public and I have sacrificed my reputation for the good of others. I know that there are many who have had the struggles I had and it is very rewarding to help others heal from their struggles. It is also rewarding to help others to see that they are loved and that people do care and I also care about them.

    Rodney Calmes
    (Support For Those Who Have Been Abused)

  2. liz denison says:

    I’m happy for the ladies that you have helped, there is a discrepancy. How closely do you really pay attention to the WORD OF GOD? GOD is to the point about marriage and all that pertains to it. Marriage is a very serious commitment in the very EYES of our LORD GOD! Let’s start off with MARK 10:2-12;ROMANS 7:2-3. I went thru 2 marriages -the 1st was good becuz he was my covenant husband- I divorced him, then married a 2nd time -it was a living hell now that I know the truth. Any marriages that take place after the 1st one is a SIN (JAMES 1:15) and they don’t count they are null and void. give you proof – What about the encounter with JESUS and the woman at the well JESUS knew of the woman’s (HUSBANDS) more than one and the “husband” she was with was not her “Covenant Husband!” All and everything that is not of GOD will be judged. I don’t think you want their blood on your hands when you go Judgement. Maybe you don’t know this piece of info, well now you know. let me clue you in on something I learned while going to church 3x week and taught on the correct doctrine straight from the horses mouth (GOD). read 2nd Timothy 4:3-4; and 2 Corinthians 11:4 – I saw in your advice to these women you talked about God, you must be talking about another JESUS. I also saw where you told this woman congratulations that she had remarried and that God was faithful -are you sure of what you said and what God are you talking about) like I said all and everything that is not of “THE GOD OF THIS UNIVERSE AND EVERYTHING HE CREATED” will be judge. hope this helps. not everybody that reads “THE WORD OF GOD” reads the real and correct doctrine- they only read what makes them feel good about themselves and how much they enjoy living in SIN (is conceived, grows up & brings forth death) that’s going to send them to HELL (hell is hot) for all eternity. Do you know how long eternity is? I guess they are not afraid of “THE GOD OF THIS UNIVERSE AND EVERYTHING HE CREATED.” Not everyone wants to accept the truth. You may tthink I’m harsh then let me ask you a ? did JESUS hold back the truth??? I don’t want your blood on my hands when I go to judgement. hope you get yourself straight with God and get taught correct doctrine.

    • Dear Liz,

      Thanks for your comment. Many Christians believe that the bible says it is sin to remarry. Others disagree. I am one of those. I discuss this in detail in my book “A Journey through Emotional Abuse: From Bondage to Freedom”. ( I can’t summarize all the scripture here. However, you can take a look at Deuteronomy 24:1-4. In this passage, it is obvious that divorced people are given the right to remarry. The new spouse is clearly called “husband” by God.
      Some sources to check out: God’s protection of Women by RBC Ministries, (here is the link to order it: Also, try looking at Pastor Jeff Crippen’s new book “A Cry for Justice” (
      Yes, I do take God’s word seriously. Let’s not take certain scriptures out of context. Let us see what the ENTIRE bible (new and old testaments) say about divorce and remarriage.
      God bless you Liz. And thank you again for your comment.

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