You are God’s Daughter


On Sunday I visited NewSpring Church in Greenville, SC. The pastor, Perry Noble gave a sermon about marriage entitled “Four Things a Man Must Know About a Woman” from the first 4 chapters of Genesis. To watch the sermon, click here.

He asked all the men there to raise their hand if they had a daughter. He started talking about how protective a man feels toward his small daughter. He said if anyone made his daughter cry on the playground, his first instinct was to rush onto the playground and let the little kid ‘have it’.

And heaven help a young man that might roll up to his house to take his daughter for a date, and instead of coming to the door to ask for her respectfully, he sits in his car and honks his horn! This pastor, and many of the men in the audience agreed, they would send the young man packing!

Then he asked those same men this question, “Men, how do you think God feels about how you treat His daughter?”


Men, how DO you think God feels about how you treat your wives…His daughters?


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